&6對管理員處置有爭議者可私訊&e&n服主Discord: JC#5193
&7官方保留所有的規則修改、懲處、解釋權 (最後更新日期: 2021/09/17)
&7English version: /rules 7
&c&n一犯: 直接封禁
&c1. 以任何方式宣傳、提及其他minecraft伺服器
&c2. 使用外掛
&c3. 與其他玩家進行現實金錢交易
&c&n一犯: 警告一次或直接封禁 | 二犯: 直接封禁
&c1. 盜取他人專屬武器
&c2. 發現疑似BUG沒有立即回報且擅自濫用
&c3. 惡意運作紅石機關干擾伺服器
&e&n一犯: 警告或禁言30分 | 二犯: 禁言1天 | 三犯: 禁言30天 | 四犯: 永久禁言
&e1. 洗版-在公共頻道短時間連傳4行(含)以上相似內容
&e2. 言論騷擾使當事者不適-如言語詆毀、18+內容、性暗示等
&e3. 惡意鬧事或參與紛爭
&a&n一犯: 警告或監禁30分 | 二犯: 監禁1天 | 三犯: 監禁30天 | 四犯: 永久監禁
&a 1. 使用連點程式或各種物理性卡鍵連點
&a2. 破壞主世界地形-
&a3. 惡意阻擋他人領地
&a4. 佔有「72小時保護期」(72Hprotect)內未設領地之私人建築
&b1. 沒設領地的私人建築給予保護期72小時(從開始興建後起計),期間內若被他人設領地佔領,有權取回建築
&b2. 箱子內物資不受保護期保護,玩家應以告示牌上鎖以免遭竊
&b3. 保護期過後之私人建築,應設領地及上鎖,否則若遭破壞官方不受理
&b4. 若給予他人領地、箱子權限而遭他人破壞,官方不受理
&31. RPG如因放置於地上而失去效果,官方不予以補償
&32. 三叉戟類RPG若因丟出後進入虛空、玩家登出或死亡而不見者,官方不予以補償
&d1. 交易皆屬自願行為,不得以任何手段威迫
&d2. 交易、賭博前請三思,應使用交易類系統及留意對方聲譽,若遭欺騙官方不受理
&d3. auc拍賣發起人及參加人禁止在拍賣期間離線,如因此導致損失,由離線者承擔
&61. 歡迎加入Discord群一起互動! /discord
&62. 歡迎給予建議和BUG回報,讓HCS越來越好 &7可能有獎勵?
&63. 祝你玩得開心 &a&l٩(●ᴗ●)۶
&c-----------------《H&6C&eS &aServer &bRules&d》-----------------
&6Please read it carefully and abide by it.
&6You can ask for help if you have questions about rules.
&6You can seek right of remedy by sending a message to admin.
&e&nDiscord: JC#5193
&7HCS has the right to exercise rules as well as to amend or interpret rules. (Latest update: 09/17/2021)
&7中文版: /rules
&c---------------------《1st Felon》---------------------
&c&nViolation & Penalties:
&c&ndirectly ban
&c1. Promoting or mentioning other minecraft servers by any methods.
&c2. Being a hack.
&c3. Trading with other players with real-world currency.
&c---------------------《2nd Felon》---------------------
&c&nViolation & Penalties:
&c&n1st: verbal warning or directly ban&c | &c&n2nd: ban
&c1. Stealing sb's exclusive weapon.
&c2. Concealing and exploiting any types of bugs.
&c3. Operating redstone builds intentionally to cause negative impacts on server.
&e-------------------《Illegal Speech》-------------------
&e&nViolation & Penalties:
&e&n1st: verbal warning or 30min-mute&e | &e&n2nd: 1day-mute&e | &e&n3rd: 30days-mute&e | &e&n4th: mute or ban
&e1. Spamming - Sending similar sentences more than four times immediately in public channel.
&e2. Verbally harassing and causing discomfort to others.
&e3. Stirring up conflicts or participating in disputes maliciously.
&a--------------------《Illegal Act》--------------------
&a&nViolation & Penalties:
&a&n1st: verbal warning or 30min-jail&a | &a&n2nd: 1day-jail&a | &a&n3rd: 30days-jail&a | &a&n4th: ban
&aA fine of not more than HCS$200000 may be imposed according to severity.
&a1. Using autoclicker or other inappropriate click methods to kill mobs.
&a2. Destroying mainworld(主世界) such as mining resources
&a(This limit shall not apply to building needs.)
&a3. Blocking sb’s residence maliciously by using any methods.
&a4. Occupying a private building which is under "72hour-New-Building-Protection ".
&b------------------《Survival Notice》------------------
&b1. 72hour-New-Building-Protection (72Hprotect):
&bYou have the right to get your building (without res) back from sb who occupied it if it's just completed within 72 hours.
&b2. Your personal chests aren't under 72Hprotect, therefore you must lock up them with signs.
&b3. Before the expiration of 72Hprotect, you'd better create a res to protect your private building. Otherwise, you may have to bear the consequences of destruction or being stolen by others.
&b4. If you authorize others to use your private res or chests, you may have to bear the consequences of destruction or being stolen by others.
&3--------------------《RPG Notice》--------------------
&31. If your RPG is placed on the ground and lost its function, you may have to bear the consequences.
&32. If you throw you RPG trident into void or leave(incl. death or offline) after throwing it out, you may have to bear the consequences of loss.
&d-----------------《Transaction Notice》-----------------
&d1. Transactions should be voluntary and don't force others to trade
&d2. Using HCS trade systems, be aware of the other's reputation, and think twice before trading and gambling. In principle, HCS won't intervene in even if you are scammed.
&d3. The promoter and participants of the auction(/auc) are not allowed to go offline, otherwise, the person who went offline will probably need to bear the consequences of loss of goods.
&6----------------《Welcome Notice &a&l(≧▽≦)&6》----------------
&61. Join our server Discord and chat together! &e&n/discord
&62. We sincerely welcome you to give suggestions and report bugs in order to let HCS be better.
&63. Have fun~~ &a&l٩(●ᴗ●)۶